As you will see in the quotes below, the notion of God Consciousness has been articulated upon by a wide variety of individuals from a diversity of religious backgrounds and traditions. This is a rather interesting phenomenon and may indicate that there are common threads underlying the Reality of God Consciousness throughout the world. In this section, an attempt is made to give voice to this richness of experience and understanding by offering quotes from these diverse sources. If an evolution of consciousness is underway on our planet today towards a collective God Consciousness, then the integration of religions and philosophies into a coherent and systematic framework is of paramount importance. Coming together as a species and cosmos is at the heart of God Consciousness and if we are to participate in a global transformation, we must begin to align ourselves with the tendency towards love and respect of our diversity. Finally however, the authors below encourage us individually and collectively to experience God Consciousness for ourselves. This experience and ensuing insight may be the most delightful possibility open to us. In essence, we are given an invitation to participate in the consciousness of God.

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Julia K. Fenderson

Above all else, God-consciousness is the most longed-for and sought-after experience of religious man. source

Friedrich Schleiermacher

Our own theory is that sin was ordained only in view of redemption, and that accordingly redemption shows forth as the gain bound up with sin; in comparison with which there can be no question whatever of mischief due to sin, for the merely gradual and imperfect unfolding of the power of the God-consciousness is one of the necessary conditions of the human stage of existence.
The Christian Faith

Flower A. Newhouse

God consciousness is the need and goal of our existence. The Christward Way

Sri Aurobindo

We see then that there are three terms of the one existence, transcendent, universal, and individual, and that each of these always contains secretly or overtly the two others. The Transcendent possesses itself always and controls the other two as the basis of its own temporal possibilities; that is the Divine, the eternal all-possessing God-consciousness, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, which informs, embraces, governs all existences. The Life Divine

Yoga is the exchange of an egoistic for a universal or cosmic consciousness lifted towards or informed by the supra-cosmic, transcendent Unnameable who is the source and support of all things. Yoga is the passage of the human thinking animal towards the God-consciousness from which he has descended. Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

There appears at once the antinomy of a bright and pure kingdom of God and a dark and impure kingdom of the devil; we feel the the opposition of our crawling earthly birth and life to an exalted spiritual God-consciousness; we become readily convinced of the incompatibility of life's subjection to Maya with the soul's concentration in pure Brahman existence. The Synthesis of Yoga

Alice Bailey

I suggest that just as self-consciousness is the goal for all the subhuman forms of life, and as group consciousness, or the consciousness of the Heavenly Man, is the goal for the human being, so for him, also, there may be a goal, and for him the achievement may be the development of God consciousness. source

Anthony Pecoraro

God Consciousness comes and goes; it is a continuity of experience in human Being (as being some sort of critter) as it thrives to transcend its fleshy encapsulation. The Godly embodiment envelops innumerable strata comprising the whole of a human perception, yet the Godly experiences surpass even sentient experience and all that the human can or may fathom. As a yellow-star sentient, the individual vacillates to and from its origin and anchor. For now, our ground-our anchor--is Earth, the birth of a "yellow" Sun; our origin, as far as we can tell, encompasses the whole of creation, and then more! As we vibrate betwixt these two poles, as a "duality" in creation, we have some inkling, some reminiscent trace of both polarities: our physical embodiment here on Earth and our wholesome but abstract ephemeral connection to the ALL, or the Godly-the ONE.

Each successive Revelation in experience, as experience, gives up the great mystery of who we are, but only insofar as we may have the vehicle or the embodiment to take in such epiphanies. So we course our way through a mundane life sometimes howling and at other times in rapture and hopefully in ecstasy. God Consciousness has made its pass through us, as an aspect of us
that we are able to behold and bear. Sentients from other stars, as for example, Rigel, have quite another experience: one that embodies their birth-their anchor-wholly from another starry Revelation cascading in accord with that star's emanation, which is quite another Godly determination from our yellow Sun.

But for now we concern ourselves with God Consciousness as it reveals itself to us in our most tenuous bodily elaboration. Like this: I have known, I know, I am known to myself as that (THAT) which transcends all that I am-as I know I am or believe myself to be. And this experience comes and goes according to our capacity, to our anchor, or origin. As we begin to depart Earthly measures, we then enter into the domain of some other constitution (and influence), which may encompass yet more-a greater continuity of experience, or a God Consciousness "more evident" (more self-evident) than any previous unfurling of our Cause. The Cosmic Encyclopedia

Danavir Swami

God Consciousness is what we are here for. It's the unfinished business we have left. source

Sylvia Browne

Plant now the roses of Hope, Love, Promise, God Consciousness, and the Glory of your Soul.

Whenever anyone hurts you, visualize that feeling right in the middle of your solar plexus as a brilliant, huge, beautiful pink rose. Make this rose a symbol of your God Consciousness. source

Swami Lakshman Joo

To make it clear, at the time of God-realization nothing new is realised; on the contrary, the Yogi feels that this state of God-consciousness which he was experiencing was already known to him.

In this school of recognition, Abhinavagupta says, the state of God-consciousness is already there. He comes to the conclusion that in this universe you have to see and realise the Kingdom of God-consciousness only everywhere and nothing else. source

Ronald L. Mann, PhD

From a spiritual perspective, ego is the aspect of self that experiences a separation from God. Ego-consciousness is believing that "I" am in total control of "my" life, that "I" am the total creator of "my" existence. The inherent limitation of this notion is that it does not allow for the full, expansive understanding and experience of God-consciousness. This limited ego-identity creates a contracted and reduced field of awareness. source

Alfred J. Parker

If thoughts are things, they should be living conscious things that contain the universal feeling and message of the God Consciousness: the very quality and intelligent power of our being. source

Corr Uilleand

God Consciousness, what is that ? It is the opinion that everyone and everything is God. source

The Church of Yahweh

The whole thing (your life, the Bible, the history of humanity, everything) can be seen as a journey from small, limited, ego-filled, hateful, sin-state of human (aka raindrop) consciousness to the large, limitless, egoless, loving, bliss-state of God (aka Ocean) consciousness. source

Eagle Vision Ministry

You must make a quality decision and say that among all things in life is to guard our time with God and to expand our God-consciousness. source

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

This moment of dawning is called taqwa - God-consciousness, and ihsan - awareness. Suddenly you know that God can see you and knows you, even if you do not know or see Him. source

Srila Prabhupada

The Srimad-Bhagavatam states that any bona fide preacher of God consciousness must have the qualities of titiksa (tolerance) and karuna (compassion). In the character of Lord Jesus Christ we find both these qualities. source

Prithu das Adhikari

Even when facing tribulations, as in Jesus' case crucifixion, a pure soul on the highest level of intimacy with God, absorbed in God consciousness-Krishna Consciousness-is not afraid under any circumstances: "Daughters of Jerusalem, don't cry for me. Cry for yourselves and for your children" (Luke 23:28). source

Martin Luther King, Jr.

In your statement you asserted that our actions, even though peaceful, must be condemned because they precipitate violence. But can this assertion be logically made? Isn't this like condemning the robbed man because his possession of money precipitated the evil act of robbery? Isn't this like condemning Socrates because his unswerving commitment to truth and his philosophical delvings precipitated the misguided popular mind to make him drink the hemlock? Isn't this like condemning Jesus because His unique Godconsciousness and never-ceasing devotion to His will precipitated the evil act of crucifixion? We must come to see, as federal courts have consistently affirmed, that it is immoral to urge an individual to withdraw his efforts to gain his basic constitutional rights because the quest precipitates violence. Society must protect the robbed and punish the robber. source

Ronna Herman

God-consciousness is ever expanding, ever evolving, without end. source

Jalaluddin Rumi

Those who are pure in heart achieve God-consciousness; they are truly and actually aware of God at the center of their being (their heart). These sanctified individuals are said to be Possessors of the Heart. source

Sri Ramakrishna

The world is a mixture of milk and water, the bliss of Godconsciousness and the pleasure of sense-enjoyment. Be a swan and drink the milk, leaving the water aside.

I tell you the truth: there is nothing wrong in your being in the world. But you must direct your mind toward God; otherwise you will not succeed. Do your duty with one hand and with the other hold to God. After the duty is over you will hold to God with both hands. source

Diane Goble

Each lifetime is a part of a greater Whole leading to greater compassion and love for all life-- God-Consciousness! source

When we live our lives with God-Consciousness, with a joyful, spiritual wisdom, it's like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, it's like breaking the chains that bind us. We experience freedom from fear— fears of death, judgment, punishment, retribution, suffering, pain, condemnation, loss of self, separation from loved ones, eternal damnation. We are secure in knowing, that life is a continually changing, ongoing process in which we are free to explore every dimension of God on our journey through Eternity. Being a human being is just one story in our history. source

Ron Rhodes

In Unity, salvation is attained by "at-one-ment" with God - a reuniting of human consciousness with God-consciousness. source

Sri Brahmarishi Narad

Above the Agna is the Sahasraram Chakra or Thousand-Petalled Lotus, which is related to the pineal gland and the cerebral cortex. It's located at the top of the head. It relates to the sound current and the faculty of clairvoyant hearing, and is the most spiritual of all the chakras. When this chakra is fully developed, union with God-consciousness is possible, and Illumination takes place. source

Million Family March

All individuals, organizations, and entities must have their needs, interests, health and rights protected to the extent that they can work towards a harmonious society. We cannot work as a disconnected whole. We can only be whole when we have attained a God-consciousness and have affirmed the unity of the entire human family. source

Alcoholics Anonymous

Most of us think this awareness of a Power greater than ourselves is the essence of spiritual experience. Our more religious members call it 'God-consciousness'. source

I was to test my thinking by the new God-consciousness within. Common sense would thus become uncommon sense. I was to sit quietly when in doubt, asking only for direction and strength to meet my problems as He would have me. Never was I to pray for myself, except as my requests bore on my usefulness to others. Then only might I expect to receive. But that would be in great measure. source

The Quran

If the followers of the Bible would but attain to [true] faith and God-consciousness, We should indeed efface their [previous] bad deeds, and indeed bring them into gardens of bliss; and if they would but truly observe the Torah and the Gospel and all [the revelation] that has been bestowed from on high upon them by their Sustainer, they would indeed partake of all the blessings of heaven and earth...(5:65) source

... the best garment is the garment of God-consciousness ... (7:26) source

Pat Zukeran

While deep in meditation under a fig tree known as the Bohdi tree (meaning, "tree of wisdom"), Gautama experienced the highest degree of God-consciousness called Nirvana. source

Jim Gilman

It is possible to allow the mind to abide absorbed in its Source independent of the objects of the world. It is possible to come home. This is called enlightenment, Self Realization,God Consciousness, the prayer of Union, samadhi, nirvikalpa, nirvana and a host of other names. But the experience is the same. It is our true nature. It is who and what we are. source

Swami Krishnananda

That higher awakening is called God-consciousness. In that condition, you will see that all the objects of the world are your own universal self. source

The teachings of Jesus offer solutions to all problems of life. Metaphysical, ethical, social and individual relations, commonweal, national good, and all the values of life, are finally centred in the nature of God-consciousness. Everything should be judged from the stand-point of this consciousness; only then will the true worth of a thing be known. source

Dr. Ghulam Haider Aasi

Qur'an  rejects any claim of appropriating God's truth or favor. No person, race or nation is chosen of God. Any claim on God's unilateral covenant or saving grace by any atonement is vehemently rejected by the Qur'an. For God all humans are equal. What characterizes one as noble is one's God-consciousness ("Taqwa") and carrying out His norms of universal ethics. source


What is God Consciousness?

People want to know what is God, and what is God consciousness. The reality is that consciousness IS God. Consciousness is totally singular, as is God. They are two names for one thing. The illusion is that there is an individual separate from God or separate from consciousness. The 'individual' seeks to know God or to be in God consciousness. But first one must understand what that individual is.

The 'individual' says "I am this or that". There is an assumption that they are limited, that the consciousness of 'I am' is limited. But when 'I am' is not equated with this or that, when it remains simply as consciousness, as awareness, it has no boundary. This is the consciousness which is 'God'. In the Bible, God says, "I am that I Am". Not that God is this or that, but consciousness itself. The best example that can be given is that of the ocean and the wave. A wave is nothing but the ocean. A wave has no individuality of it's own. It is in fact only the ocean taking the form of a wave, pushing up as a wave. If the wave believes it is separate from the ocean, it may wish to reunite with the ocean. But water is water. There is not a boundary where the wave ends and the ocean begins. It is only the form which arises that suggests waveness different from the ocean.

If the wave were to inquire as to what it actually is, it would find that it is nothing but water. Not water as wave, but simply water. In the same way, if we inquire as to what we are, what is our pure subjectivity, we find that we are simply consciousness. All of the this's and that's are not what we are. When we say "I am this" or "I am that", we are identifying with an object. Even a statement like "I am consciousness" identifies us with something. But when we recognize that we are ONLY consciousness, there is nothing to limit us. The wave saying, "I am the ocean" suggests that there are two things, the wave and the ocean. But when God says, "I am that I am", there is not two things, only one. When we let go of any and every identification other than being pure consciousness, we are no longer limited to individuality or form. We are what is. There is not a separation between the consciousness that we are and the consciousness that God is. They are one consciousness. God arising or occurring as human, as everything. So the question is not, "What is God consciousness?", but rather, "What is NOT God consciousness?" It is only a matter of letting go of all identifications, including being God or not being God, being individual or not being individual. Simply be as pure consciousness, I am that I am, and then you are that all. source

William Sung Pae

Lastly, I find the Star Wars saga to have much truth instilled in it from a psychological perspective. George Lucas was apparently a student of Joseph Campbell, who was a student of Carl Jung. The concept of Using the Force is equivalent to Using GOD consciousness and Power for Good. source

Adi Granth

Higher than all stands the Realm of Grace--
None can have access there except heroes of supreme might,
Inspired by God-consciousness.
In that sphere abide numberless heroines like Sita of surpassing praise
And beauty indescribable.
Those to God united suffer not mortality nor delusion.
In that sphere abide devotees assembled from the various universes,
Cherishing the holy Eternal ever in their hearts.
In everlasting bliss.
The formless Supreme Being abides in the Realm of Eternity.
Over His creation He casts His glance of grace.
In that realm are contained all the continents and universes,
Exceeding in number all count.
Of creation, worlds upon worlds abide therein--
All obedient to His Will;
He watches over them in bliss,
And has each constantly in mind.
Saith Nanak, Such is that realm's [glory] that to try to describe it is to attempt the impossible.source

Rabbi Curtis G. Caldwell

This moment, Thou hast given us; use us, O Our Creator, to bring relief to those who would suffer on the back streets of aching humanity: cause us to understand that only through human, betterment, true fellowship, and deeds of kindness may we feel Thy presence.

This is our moment to marshal the collective capacity of those assembled and undergirded with a dynamic God Consciousness, go forward boldly to find solutions in the arena of community and economic development.

Blessed art Thou O Lord; whose glory gives light to the whole universe.

Amen! Amen! Amen! source

Muhammad Ali

The Prophet introduced a system of prayer in that it was interwoven into man's daily work: a prayer in the morning when he arose from his bed; a prayer at lunch time, as an indication that if his body needed a diet, so did his spirit; a prayer in the afternoon when he retired from his daily work; a prayer at sunset and a prayer when going to bed.

The object aimed at was to deepen in the human heart the roots of God-consciousness, with which man was endowed by nature; to make him remember again and again that he owed a duty to his Maker ... source

Shahid Athar, MD

The purpose of worship in Islam is to be God conscious. Thus the worship, whether it is prayer, fasting, or charity, is a means to achieve God consciousness so that when one becomes conscious of God, in thought and in action, he is in a better position to receive His bounties both in this world and the hereafter. source

W.R. Inge

The strongest wish of a vast number of earnest men and women to-day is for a basis of religious belief which shall rest, not upon tradition or external authority or historical evidence, but upon the ascertainable facts of human experience. The craving for immediacy, which we have seen to be characteristic of all mysticism, now takes the form of a desire to establish the validity of the God-consciousness as a normal part of the healthy inner life. source

Ken Wilber

As Aurobindo and Teilhard de Chardin knew, the future of humankind is God-consciousness...Up From Eden

Deepak Chopra has introduced literally millions of people to the spiritual path, and for this we should all be profoundly grateful. In How to Know God, Deepak continues his pioneering out-reach, showing that God consciousness unfolds in a series of stages, each important and remarkable in itself, yet each getting closer to Source. This is at once a map of Spirit, and a map of your own deepest Self, for the last analysis, they are one and the same. source

Deepak Chopra

The fact that we are born with the potential to go from simple survival to God-consciousness is the remarkable trait that sets our nervous systems apart from all other creatures. How to Know God

Christopher Bache

If reincarnation is true, then it has been a fact of life at least since Homo sapiens sapiens emerged fifty thousand years ago and possibly longer. Each of our individual journeys away from God-consciousness and back toward it has been enacted against the backdrop of the history of intelligent life on this planet. Through reincarnation, all of human evolution is incorporated into what Christianity calls salvation history. All cultures, all peoples, all epochs are included in the plan. Salvation history is the story of the redemption of the entire human race--or, put slightly differently, it is the story of the retrieval of souls who have become lost for a while in the rebounding echoes of repeated human existence. Lifecycles

Kitab Al-Imara

Islam is a social religion, not in the sense that it is through society alone that religion breathes its sacred spirit in the individuals, but in the sense that it aims at inculcating God-consciousness both in the individual and society. Jesus said: The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Islam fully subscribes to this view, since no just kingdom can be founded on earth by unjust men, who have not first created the Kingdom of Heaven in their hearts, but Islam goes a step forward and says that the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven within the heart is not enough; this Kingdom of Heaven within must be externalised into a Kingdom of Heaven on earth, so that the organised life of man may be built up on the basis of love, fraternity and justice. source

Meher Baba

In God-consciousness, to know is to exist as blissful power; to exist as power is to know oneself as unbounded bliss; and to experience bliss is to be permeated by divine knowledge in which knower, known and knowledge are all one. source

To arrive at self knowledge is to arrive at God-realization. God-realization is different from all other states of consciousness because they are experienced through the medium of the individual mind, whereas God-consciousness is not dependent upon the individual mind. source

The Urantia Book

God-consciousness, as it is experienced by an evolving mortal of the realms, must consist of three varying factors, three differential levels of reality realization. There is first the mind consciousness -- the comprehension of the idea of God. Then follows the soul consciousness -- the realization of the ideal of God. Last, dawns the spirit consciousness -- the realization of the spirit reality of God. By the unification of these factors of the divine realization, no matter how incomplete, the mortal personality at all times overspreads all conscious levels with a realization of the personality of God. In those mortals who have attained the Corps of the Finality all this will in time lead to the realization of the supremacy of God and may subsequently eventuate in the realization of the ultimacy of God, some phase of the absonite superconsciousness of the Paradise Father.

The experience of God-consciousness remains the same from generation to generation, but with each advancing epoch in human knowledge the philosophic concept and the theologic definitions of God must change. God-knowingness, religious consciousness, is a universe reality, but no matter how valid (real) religious experience is, it must be willing to subject itself to intelligent criticism and reasonable philosophic interpretation; it must not seek to be a thing apart in the totality of human experience. source

Nathan Parker

A preacher of God Consciousness is a friend to all living beings. source


One who has controlled the ego has Ganesha consciousness or Godconsciousness. Ganesha is the God who can Protect His devotees from any vigna or obstacle, and hence the name Vigneshwara. source

Lizo Doda Jafta Lecturer at the Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa, Natal

One of the basic human experiences is that a human being is a dependent creature; therefore, the contingency of being human demands that one should properly relate oneself to the environment upon which one depends. Thus the human sense of dependence becomes the root religion. One becomes aware that one did not create the universe; one found the universe already created. This awe- inspiring universe with its boundless spaces and measureless forces occasions God Consciousness. Natural events in particular are occasions of God Consciousness among the Zulu people. The changes in the clouds, the highness of the heavens, the overflowing rivers, the frightening lightnings and thunderstorms side-by-side with religious ceremonies are all occasions of God Consciousness. In these events God is experienced as the One, the Other, the Divine and the Many. The key word is experience. [...] The Zulu notion of God Consciousness ... says that God lives in, through and beyond everything and everyone, but that God is most clearly apprehended through those spirits who are always around, below, above, and in them .... When the Zulus see the Deity in every place and all the time, they are acknowledging the ubiquitous nature of God as well as their constant sojourn within the realm of the divine presence. -- excerpted from "The One, the Other, the Divine, the Many in Zulu Traditional Religion of Southern Africa" in "Dialogue and Alliance," Summer 1992, pp.79-89


There are three levels of consciousness, this level, upon which we are always aware, the sub-conscious level, upon which we are always working, but seldom aware, and the level of God Consciousness, upon which we are attuned to God. Our Soul traverses all three levels, always, and it is upon our Soul that all three levels of the story of our being is inscribed. The level of God Consciousness can be appreciated as having seven levels, synonymous with the rainbow. Red, orange, and yellow, being lower levels of God Consciousness where our soul resides in moments exhibiting the error of our ways, depending upon the severity of our transgressions. Green is the level of Christ Consciousness, where the soul resides during moments synonymous with the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Second Coming is when the souls of all mankind shall reside on this level and peace shall reign for thousands of years. Blue is the level the soul resides upon during particular moments of inspiration promoted by the edge of the envelope of the sphere of Mankind's Perception. Jonas Sulk's inspiration for the polio vaccine, and the like. Indigo is the level the soul resides upon during moments of divine inspiration. Violet is the level once realized, is realized forever more, where Free-Will becomes God's Will for you, True God Consciousness. source

University Church- Athens, Georgia

Let us more and more live our lives thinking about God, making a place for him in our world view, achieving a greater and more consistent "God consciousness." source

Swami Adiswarananda-Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York

Sri Ramakrishna, who was born in 1836 and passed away in 1886, represents the very core of the spiritual realizations of the seers and sages of India. His whole life was literally an uninterrupted contemplation of God. He reached a depth of God-consciousness that transcends all time and place and has a universal appeal. Seekers of God of all religions feel irresistibly drawn to his life and teachings. Sri Ramakrishna, as a silent force, influences the spiritual thought currents of our time. He is a figure of recent history and his life and teachings have not yet been obscured by loving legends and doubtful myths. Through his God-intoxicated life Sri Ramakrishna proved that the revelation of God takes place at all times and that God-realization is not the monopoly of any particular age, country, or people. In him, deepest spirituality and broadest catholicity stood side by side. The God-man of nineteenth-century India did not found any cult, nor did he show a new path to salvation. His message was his God-consciousness. When God-consciousness falls short, traditions become dogmatic and oppressive and religious teachings lose their transforming power. At a time when the very foundation of religion, faith in God, was crumbling under the relentless blows of materialism and skepticism, Sri Ramakrishna, through his burning spiritual realizations, demonstrated beyond doubt the reality of God and the validity of the time-honored teachings of all the prophets and saviors of the past, and thus restored the falling edifice of religion on a secure foundation. Drawn by the magnetism of Sri Ramakrishna's divine personality, people flocked to him from far and near -- men and women, young and old, philosophers and theologians, philanthropists and humanists, atheists and agnostics, Hindus and Brahmos, Christians and Muslims, seekers of truth of all races, creeds and castes. His small room in the Dakshineswar temple garden on the outskirts of the city of Calcutta became a veritable parliament of religions. Everyone who came to him felt uplifted by his profound God-consciousness, boundless love, and universal outlook. Each seeker saw in him the highest manifestation of his own ideal. By coming near him the impure became pure, the pure became purer, and the sinner was transformed into a saint. The greatest contribution of Sri Ramakrishna to the modern world is his message of the harmony of religions. To Sri Ramakrishna all religions are the revelation of God in His diverse aspects to satisfy the manifold demands of human minds. Like different photographs of a building taken from different angles, different religions give us the pictures of one truth from different standpoints. They are not contradictory but complementary. Sri Ramakrishna faithfully practiced the spiritual disciplines of different religions and came to the realization that all of them lead to the same goal. Thus he declared, "As many faiths, so many paths." The paths vary, but the goal remains the same. Harmony of religions is not uniformity; it is unity in diversity. It is not a fusion of religions, but a fellowship of religions based on their common goal -- communion with God. This harmony is to be realized by deepening our individual God-consciousness. In the present-day world, threatened by nuclear war and torn by religious intolerance, Sri Ramakrishna's message of harmony gives us hope and shows the way. May his life and teachings ever inspire us. source

Lord Sananda through Hanneke Jennings

I am here to say to you: 'You are Gods!!!'

Let it sink in. Let it permeate every cell of your being. Bring in this consciousness of magnificence and Godpower. Bring it into your daily lives. Transmute all fear. Fear will fall away. Where there is Light and God Consciousness fear cannot exist. source

Wistancia Stone

Could it be that God consciousness implies that we are in the consciousness that we have a Source? Could it be that that consciousness has, as part of its experience, that there is only ONE behind ALL? That within the material body we can glimpse that we shine with an eternal light? That somehow within that consciousness we can trace OURSELVES back to Source, even if we can't prove it, even if we can't see the whole picture, even if we don't believe it every second of every day - but that We Are IT! Could it be that God consciousness is a consciousness that is knowing deep deep deep inside that it couldn't be otherwise. And that all of our past journeys and all of the bodies we have held and the ones to come, no matter how subtle or dense they may be, are all of GOD? That is IS nothing else? Could it be that if you can experience that and sit in Source while INSIDE a material, dense body and learn to See the God in you and live as if that GOD exists, that then you will Realize God and be in the consciousness of God? source

The purpose is to have a 'real' experience of Divinity embedded within us, so that we can take up residence in the heart, become a Citizen of Source, merge into an experience of something Eternal, and access Christ / Buddha / Melchizedek / Divine Mother / God Consciousness within us in a deeply revealing real way. It is time to actualize the God Experience that we talk about, teach about, and believe we know about. It is time to study just how far that knowledge goes inside of us. source

Mats Friberg

Because of the deep ignorance in modern western culture of all spiritual matters a brief exposition of some basics seems to be necessary at this point. Common to the esoteric core of all higher religions is the following insights: The universe is not only made of matter but permeated by subtle energy fields which reveal to us a profound interconnectedness. In a sense all boundaries between us are illusory. We are all one. These energy fields are fields of consciousness. They carry enormous quanta of creative power, love and awareness. Each one of us carry a sparkle of this God Consciousness in the depth of our psyche and through right living, meditation and prayer it is possible to give it more space, ultimately reaching enlightenment or samadhi, the ecstatic and mystical experience of unity with cosmos.

Sri Harold Klemp

Humanity starts at the level of the human consciousness and makes its deliberate way to the summit, which is God Consciousness. source

Raphaele Dechirante, Ph.D.

In this state of quietism and acceptance, my life experiences had been extended, and I had awoken a new dimension of living. I had reached God-consciousness. source

Reverend Dr. Harold S. Draeger

What peace that gives... It is indeed the "peace that passes all understanding." As we pray this prayer we are praying therefore for an increased God Consciousness among ourselves and at the same time we are praying for a God Consciousness among those who do not now consciously know God. You are praying that those who don’t believe in Jesus might by the power of God’s Holy Spirit come to know the eternity that is ours and the eternal life that Jesus provides. You are praying against every un-believer’s stubbornness of heart. You are praying that the "fields that are white unto harvest" might be gathered in by Him Who is the Lord of the harvest.

When you pray this morning, "Our Father Who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come…" you are praying for yourself, you are praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ and you are praying for the unchurched and the unbelieving masses.

When you pray that petition today and this week may you be also thinking that God would increase your God Consciousness. May He increase your God Consciousness not just here as we gather around Word and Sacrament but that He would keep you conscious as a member of His kingdom when Thursday comes and Friday and next Saturday…

May God bless you and me that we might live consciously as His people, free in the precious Gospel, enjoying the peace that only He can give and that no one can take away for Jesus’ sake, amen.

Aphorisms of Lord Shiva- tr by Sage Vasugupta

First Awakening

1. Universal Consciousness is one's own nature.

2. Knowing the individual consciousness as one's own nature and not knowing the Universal Consciousness as one's own nature, is bondage.

3. Differentiated perception and the field of individual activities are also bondage.

4. This three-fold bondage is attributable to and commanded by the Universal Mother [or Matrix -Ed.] while she remains unknown. Hence the field of ignorance comes into existence through her and not through any other agency.

5. To get rid of this triple bondage, a sudden flash of transcendental consciousness is identical with Bhairava.

6. With deep contemplation on the wheel of energies, the whole differentiated Universe comes to an end.

7. Such a Yogi, who has accomplished this stage, experiences Turya (transcendental God Consciousness) in other three states also viz. Jagrat (wakefulness), Svapna (dream) and Susapti (deep sleep).

8. Common knowledge (arising out of differentiation) constitutes Jagrat (wakefulness).

9. Individual differentiated knowledge in the recess of one's own mind is Svapna (dream).

10. Loss of discrimination in the field of unawareness is Susapti (deep sleep)

11. The one who has digested (assimilated) all these three states in God Consciousness, (Turya) is the Lord of heroes or master of his senses.

12. The Yogic powers here (in this state of being) comprise indescribable astonishment (wonder).

13. For such a Yogi, any desire is identical with the Supreme Energy of Lord Shiva and hence his desire cannot be checked by any power.

14. For such a Yogi, even his own body becomes an extraneous object or the totality of extraneous objects is (constitute) his own Universal Body.

15. By establishing one's mind in the heart-the Universal Consciousness-the whole world of perception appears as one's own nature.

16. Or by establishing uninterrupted awareness of Pure Supreme Nature, the energy of Shiva is experienced.

17. For such a realized soul, any ordinary thought becomes the means of realizing one's own self.

18. His being in the ecstatic state of Samadhi bestows bliss and happiness to the whole humanityor the totality of enjoyment in the universe constitutes (or comprises) his ecstatic state of Samadhi.

l9. By putting (concentrating) one's mind on Universal Energy, body internal or external, is formed by his mere will. (Such power is attainable by him in two other states also viz. dream and deep sleep).

20. Such a Yogi is capable of (i) helping humanity unbounded by space and time (ii) casting off his body for specified time-periods, and (iii) manifesting his body at various places simultaneously, by remaining in God Consciousness.

21. When such a yogi abstains from such powers, he attains lordship over the wheel of Universal Energies through the rise of Pure knowledge.

22. By contemplating on Supreme Ocean, Self experience of the Universal-I occurs.

The end of First Awakening

Second Awakening

1. Here (i.e. in Saktopaya) by intensive awareness the mind of a yogi becomes Mantra.

2. The cause of attaining this Mantra is one's own effort.

3. The state of totality of knowledge is the secret of Mantra

4. When a yogi's mind remains satisfied in cosmic powers, his Samadhi is as good as ordinary dreaming state.

5. At the rise of natural (pure) Supreme Knowledge, the State of Shiva, residing in the Eather of God Consciousness, is attained.

6. For such attainment, the means is the Master, the Guru.

7. When the master is pleased, the disciple attains the knowledge of the wheel of Universal Mother [or Matrix -ed]

8. For such attainment a yogi has to offer all his three bodies of wakefulness, dreaming and dreamlessness as oblations into the fire of Universal God Consciousness.

9. For him the differentiated knowledge is the food he assimilates into undifferentiated knowledge or the undifferentiated knowledge constitutes his food yielding him fullness and peace in his own nature.

10. By out stepping his own nature of true knowledge, at the time of entering into God Consciousness, i.e. Turya, he ill-fatally enters into dreaming state.

The end of Second Awakening.

Third Awakening

1. Here (in Anavaopaya) mind is the nature of individual being.

2. Differentiated knowledge of pain and pleasure is bondage.

3. Ignorance of the essence of Universal Action and Universal Knowledge is illusion-the Maya.

4. So one has to absorb the individuality of principles (Tattvas) in one's own body successively, i.e., absorb the five elements into five tanmatras, those in turn into the five organs and finally integrate them in the Supreme God Consciousness.

5. A yogi must develop the power of absorbing prana and apana into Susumna-the middle path of Lordship over five elements, of isolating one's own self from the five elements and residing in the field beyond the five elements.

6. Such powers appear only when the veil of ignorance falls in the way of entering into Pure God Consciousness.

7. By obtaining victory over such an illusion of cosmic powers and by enjoying the state of limitless being, the Pure and Supreme Knowledge manifests.

8. For him the state of wakefulness (Jagrat) is secondary (beam) of God Consciousness.

9. For him, the actor, who plays in the drama of Universe, is his own self.

10. Movement attributed in this totality of Cosmic Dance, is nothing other than the SupremeBeing.

11. The spectators in this Cosmic Dance, are one's own cognitive and active organs.

12. Purity and completion of this dance is accomplished by establishing the Supreme Subtle Awareness of intelligence.

13. For him the state of utter freedom exists spontaneously.

14. This kind of freedom obtains for him within and without.

15. Even after such achievement one has to remain aware in contemplating on the seed of Universal Being.

16. So by being established in such state one sinks into the ocean of God Consciousness-joyously.

17. Such a yogi can create or destroy anything by his Supreme Will.

18. When the Supreme Knowledge is well established in an uninterrupted way, the pangs of recurring births and deaths are avoided for good.

19. When the awareness of God Consciousness slackens a bit, the Universal Energy disintegrates into innumerable individual Energies to carry one away from the Kingdom of Universality.

20. So the fourth state of Universal Being, i.e., Turya, must be made to permeate the three other states viz. wakefulness, dreaming and dreamlessness.

21. By developing the awareness of one's own nature, he enters and is lost into the Universal God Consciousness.

22. After being well established in that state he breathes out that state into the Universal activities. Hence the differentiation between the self and the Universe is not recognized.

23. If one proves a failure in infusing the state of self in the Universe, he ill-fatally remains satisfied in his own internal nature.

24. When a yogi, after developing awareness of God Consciousness, Transcend the state of Turya, he enters into Transcendental God Consciousness.

25. Such a yogi becomes one with Shiva.

26. For him the austerity is nothing else than the normal routine of physical life.

27. And for such a yogi the daily routine talk becomes the recitation of real Mantra.

28. Such a yogi gives as alms to humanity his own knowledge of the self.

29. The yogi, who commands the entire wheel of cognitive and active organs, is the only means of attaining knowledge of Transcendental God Consciousness.

30. For him the whole Universe is the totality of his own energies.

31. Living in this world of ignorance or remaining in the Transcendental God Consciousness is the totality of one's own energies of Consciousness.

32. Such a yogi, though apparently engrossed in the daily routine of life, is in no way separated from God Consciousness.

33. Because such a yogi perceives the states of pain and pleasure only superficially, they, in no case, affect his state of Supreme-Being Consciousness.

34. Hence he is liberated from the states of pain and pleasure and is uniquely established in his own nature.

35. On the contrary, the one who feels the absence of God Consciousness in the states of pain and pleasure, is an individual soul and a victim of recurring births and deaths.

36. The one who stands, aloof from differentiatedness becomes the creator and destroyer of the entire Universe.

37. The energy of creating and destroying the whole Universe comes within the experience of such a yogi just as an ordinary soul possesses the power to create and destroy during his dreaming state.

38. The state of Turya God Consciousness, that comes into experience in the beginning and at the end of the other three states (viz. Jagrat, Svapana and Susupti), should be infused and transmitted into these three states by firmly establishing one's own awareness during these intervals viz. beginning and end thereof.

39. And by developing such process, a yogi must transmit the God Consciousness not only into the three states of individuality but into the entire Universe.

40. By the slight appearance of individual desire, one is carried far away from the state of God Consciousness.

41. By firmly establishing one's own self in the state of Turya, all desires disappear and individuality lost into Universality.

42. Such a yogi is Liberated-in-Life and as his body still exists, he is called Bhuta-Kancuki, i.e. having his physical body as a mere covering just like an ordinary blanket. Hence he is supreme and one with the Universal Self.

43. After remaining in this state of Universal Transcendental God Consciousness, the functions of inhalation and exhalation automatically take place with the object, that this whole Universe of action and cognition is united in God Consciousness.

44. When one contemplates on the center of Universal consciousness, what else remains there to be sought in the practice of prana, apana and susumna ?

45. When a Saiva-yogi is completely established in God Consciousness, he experiences this state spontaneously within and without or both.

David Hurst

Most of us would like to connect with God Consciousness but we feel that we are not spiritually 'advanced' enough to be worthy or ready for such an experience, so we don't bother to make the effort. It is not all important whether you feel worthy of otherwise. What is important is your intention. Your intention is, in fact, everything. All else is academic.

If it is truly your intention to experience, to feel and hear God Consciousness, you will not be denied. The more passionate your desire, the greater the connection. One simple way to make a connection with God is to ask. That is asking for spiritual bread. To do this, close your eyes and try to observe five passages of breath without allowing any words to enter your head. It's perfectly normal to have the impressions of a thought but try to keep the words out of it. Stay with the sensation of your breath at the tip of your nostrils, the warmth of the coolness, and be aware, without losing the focus on your nostrils, of the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Allow whatever sounds you hear, such as traffic noises, voices and other sounds to be. Do not analyse, dissect of comment on them in any way. Simply allow them to be. Do not speed up your breathing. Once you have mastered five breaths without verbal thinking, you are ready to listen.

As God is in all things, within, throughout and beyond the very atoms of matter, we put out our request to 'empty space - the womb of creation - in this manner: "Please fill me with Light, Love Peace and Power". Turn the transmitter of your mind onto reception and continue to observe the continuum of five breaths. Remember, no words in your head.

Now, when we ask for Light, we are asking for understanding, instinct and intuition. To see and truly perceive, to hear and truly understand. When you are totally receptive you can experience the difference between revelation and intellectual deduction. Intellect has nothing to do with intelligence. Nothing to do with understanding. "Conclusions arrived at by purely logical thinking are devoid of reality"... Einstein.

When we ask for Love, we are not asking to be loved, but to be more loving.

To ask for peace is not asking for everything about you to be passive and tranquil. It is asking for the ability to respond to what is happening without fear. Without fear there is only love. If there were no collective fear, the world would be at peace.

When we ask for Power, we are not asking for power over another person, but Spiritual Power to heal and create harmlessly.

Our prime purpose throughout eternal life is to manifest the Glory of God as it manifests through ourselves. You must have the desire to do this. One way to begin is to look at any problem you may be confronting and asking yourself, "If I truly loved, honoured and respected myself, how would I handle this situation?" By doing this you tune into the Spirit of God which is within you. Put direct, personal experience above all concepts and you will connect. source

Doctor A. Zahoor

God Consciousness (Taqwa)

The Qur'an mentions taqwa as the highest quality of a Muslim:

"Verily the most honorable among you in the sight of God is the one who is most God-conscious [i.e., righteous]." [Qur'an: Surah al-Hujurat, 49:13]

Awareness of the Creator's perfect knowledge of all things, including every soul's innermost thoughts and intentions, insures both public and private morality in the believer. As stated in the Qur'an:

"He [i.e., God] knows that which deceives the eyes and what the breasts conceal." [Qur'an: Surah Ghafir, 40:19]

When continually remembering God and seeking His acceptance in all that one does, even ordinary daily tasks become expressions of worship that are rewarded in the Hereafter. Such qualities as faithfulness, obedience, honesty, patience, self-control, modesty, generosity and courage are strengthened by the remembrance of God and of the judgement to come:

"And race for forgiveness from your Lord and a Garden [i.e., Paradise] as wide as the heavens and the earth which awaits the God-conscious who spend [for the cause of God] in time of plenty and in time of hardship and restrain their anger and pardon their fellow men; for God loves those who do good." [Qur'an: Surah Ali 'Imran, 3:133-134] source

Charles N. Alexander

God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness:
The Highest States of Peace and Fulfillment

In Maharishi’s (1972) description of higher states of consciousness, the sixth state of consciousness, God Consciousness, is defined by the unbounded, self-referral awareness of cosmic consciousness coexisting with the development of refined sensory perception during the three relative states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping. Perception and feeling reach their most sublime level, the finer and more glorious levels of creation are appreciated, and every impulse of thought and action is enriching to life (pp. 23-6?23-7). The sixth state is referred to as God Consciousness, because the individual is capable of perceiving and appreciating the full range and mechanics of creation and experiences waves of love and devotion for the creation and its creator. Thus, in this state one not only experiences inner peace, but profoundly loving and peaceful relationships are cultivated with all others.

In the seventh and highest state of consciousness, which Maharishi (1972) calls unity consciousness, one experiences Being as the basis of and permeating all aspects of life: everything is perceived as nothing but expressions of Being. Even though the diversity of life is still appreciated, what dominates in unity consciousness is the experience that all aspects of life, from the most refined to the most manifest levels, are nothing but the self-interacting dynamics of Being, pure consciousness, the substance of our own transcendental consciousness. For this reason, one is capable of appreciating all objects of perception in terms of the Self (pp. 23-8?23-9). The Vedic literature describes this experience: “I am That (pure transcendental consciousness), thou art That, all this is That” (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 1.4.10).

Recall that the Upanishads also declared that all fear is born of duality. Although a state of inner nonduality, or inner unity of the Self, is permanently achieved in cosmic consciousness in this first stable state of enlightenment, the inner Self stood separate from the outer, constantly changing, highly diversified world. Hence the outer world is still experienced as fragmented and completely different from the Self. Only in unity consciousness is the gap between inner and outer reality, between subjective and objective existence fully bridged. As proclaimed in the Bhagavad Gita, in the highest state of enlightenment, one “sees the Self in all beings, and all beings in the Self” (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1967, p. 441). Thus all creation becomes as dear to one as the Self, and one experiences in the most profound sense, “The world is my family” (Maha Upanishad, 6.71). In this state, not only is fear unthinkable, one becomes maximally nourishing, harmonizing, and enriching toward all of creation. source


A enlightened soul is Divine and free of any expectations, rejections, ... such a soul has realized God Consciousness. source

Henry Begemann

So this adventure is a journey inwards. The realm of the mind is full of adventure, full of surprising perspectives, but also with many wrong tracks and by-paths. The greatest discovery we can make in this realm is the discovery of the "divine spark," the Thought Adjuster.

When we focus our attention on this spark of light, our minds are more and more adjusted. This spark is not passive, but an entity in the highest degree of activity. It is the divine Thought Adjuster.

This activity becomes first and in the easiest way perceptible to us when we look back on the past, and recognize that the progress we have made has been largely the effect of the work of this divine spirit in us. When we do recognize this, the divine adventure really begins. The question now becomes to recognize this activity in the present and to respond to it. Then the life of sonship with God begins, the child of God grows into sonship with God, God-knowingness grows into Godconsciousness. source

Srila Sridhara Maharaja

There is nation consciousness and God consciousness; society consciousness and God consciousness. God consciousness is absolute. If society consciousness hinders the development of God consciousness, it should be left behind. source


The significance of prayer lies in one's maintaining a continuous link to God five times a day, which helps the worshipper avoid misdeeds if he/she performs the prayers sincerely. In addition it promotes discipline, God-consciousness and placing one's trust in Allah alone, and the importance of striving for the Hereafter. When performed in congregation it also provides a strong sense of community, equality and brotherhood/sisterhood.

...The Qur'an is a book which provides the human being the spiritual and intellectual nourishment he/she craves. Its major themes include the oneness of God, the purpose of human existence, faith and God-consciousness, the Hereafter and its significance. source

M.L. Fischer

And I'm holding on to a tree or some manifestation of energy or some geometric shape or some representation of a formula. It's all moving faster, round and round, and it's dizzying. I'm not this specific being any longer. I feel the consciousness of everything around me. I'm becoming one with the trees and the creek and the flowers. I'm feeling the awareness of the earth and everything upon it. I'm expanding like a mist to fill the universe. I'm a part of it all, the general, the universal. And then in an instant, a timeless point on the wheel of time, I'm at the top, the center. I'm in the god consciousness, and I'm everywhere at every time, and I could change anything. But in that instant I realize that the god consciousness isn't a position of power, but one of appreciation. Everything is perfect, has always been perfect, and will always be perfect. source

Prof. John Wren-Lewis

The key feature of God-consciousness as I know it from my own firsthand experience, is its quintessential ordinariness and obviousness - a feature actually emphasized by many mystics. I know from my own firsthand experience that God-consciousness doesn't abolish human appetites. When I'm in it I don't lose my taste for meat or wine or good company or humour or detective fiction - I actually enjoy them more than ever before. I don't cease to enjoy sexual feelings, nor do I see anything inherently dirty about money. source

Michael S. Kogan

Jews are to be found in every movement for human dignity, cultural excellence, and social justice. We have worked to enrich human experience with that transcendent dimension that expresses itself in the deepening of God-consciousness and in the search for spiritual meaning, intellectual vitality, and the aesthetic sublime. At times, some of these efforts have seemed to take Jews far from the original religious terms of their calling, but the ennoblement of human life is the end, and, if that is so, then the faithfulness of Israel has been notable. source

Sri Swami Sivananda

This self-surrender is Absolute Love for God exclusively. There is nothing but God-consciousness in the devotee. Even against his own wishes, the devotee shall become one with God and lose his individuality. This is the law of being. The highest truth is Absoluteness and the soul rises above through different states of consciousness until it attains Absolute Perfection when it becomes identical with God. This is the culmination of all aspiration and love. source

Even as the name of a thing in this world generates the consciousness of that thing in the mind, the Name of God generates God-consciousness in the purified mind and becomes the direct cause of the realization of the Highest Perfection or God. source

Sanderson Beck

Detachment leads to transcendence, because it frees us from the lower things. As we become free, we naturally rise in our consciousness to the higher levels. Also as we transcend to higher levels in our awareness, we naturally tend to be more detached from the lower things. Since Spirit is infinite, there is no end to this transcendence. Our imagination transcends the physical world with inward images. Feelings transcend those particular forms. The mind transcends the feelings with abstract concepts. The intuition transcends the reason with holistic perceptions. The soul transcends all of these creations, because it is the spiritual reality of who we are as an individual--eternal, infinite, and perfect. The soul is the primary level of spiritual transcendence for people in the world. Yet ultimately the soul itself can be transcended into God consciousness, leaving all individuality behind. The drop of water becomes the ocean. The great value of transcendence is that it gives us the freedom to have access and clear expression on all the levels below the realm we have reached in our spiritual awareness. However, if in that expression we lose our detachment, then we may also lose our ability to transcend temporarily. The price of freedom is eternal watchfulness. source


At that point I become aware that what I can do about the larger situation is allow, invite, surrender God into my own body. The God consciousness aches for and eagerly awaits this moment to enter me, as it longs to enter each of us, at any and every moment. I lay back and turn my palms upward. Without resistance I say "I sacrifice myself. Who is there? It is I. Who is there? It is I. Who is there? It is Thou." source

John Hughes

Real knowledge exists when the aspirant becomes one with God Consciousness, which is the same as attaining perfect Self-knowledge. In possessing real knowledge he/she knows that the world of differentiation is not actually different from Shiva, the supreme reality. source

Alfred J. Parker

If thoughts are things, they should be living conscious things that contain the universal feeling and message of the God Consciousness: the very quality and intelligent power of our being. source

The Sai Organization

We are moving away from body consciousness and selfishness to God consciousness and selflessness. source

Djwhal Khul

You are never alone.
You are part of this Godconsciousness within you, that you can draw upon.
What a privilege!
What Glory!
What Light
Allow it to be second nature to you to be this Light. source

Temple of ECK

Humanity starts at the level of the human consciousness and makes its deliberate way to the summit, which is God Consciousness. source

Francis J. Beckwith

At this stage [transpersonal awareness], the psyche reflects the whole universe. It knows no boundaries other than those that are self- imposed.... This stage [spiritual awareness] involves the development of complex belief systems, including religious symbols, ritual processes, solitary spiritual practices, political ideals, aesthetic values, and philosophical presuppositions. These things tend to integrate and give meaning to the many diverse experiences of our lives. This unity is often felt as a profound and immediate sense of "the eternal" in the midst of the temporal-what theologians call "god- consciousness".... It is the rising depth of the spirit which energizes, motivates, heals, and empowers all other levels of our lives. source

J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)

The "kingdom of heaven" to which he referred was the state of God-consciousness, not the beautiful astral heavens that most people visualize, where virtuous souls go after death. source

Remuda Ranch

...we assume that there is a God-consciousness in patients which, if explored, will facilitate recovery. source

Jiva Ayurvedic Research Institute

Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand as the aim of both the sciences is to give perfect health and attain salvation or liberation through God consciousness. source


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