"When persons seek after the Immutable, the Indeterminable, the Unmanifest, the All-Pervading, the Unthinkable, the Summit Self, the Immobile, the Permanent, -equal in mind to all, intent on the good of all beings, it is to Me that they come." Bhagavad Gita

"The grand and painful path of consciousness emergence, or, more appropriately, the unfolding and intensification of consciousness, manifests itself as an increasingly intense luminescence of the spiritual in humankind." Jean Gebser

Art by Rassouli

GodConsciousness.com is committed to the advancement of consciousness throughout the world.  We believe in an integrated vision of religious plurality that respects diverse expressions of union with the Divine.  Further, we support the rights of all forms of life both animate and inanimate throughout the cosmos.  We believe that God is everywhere in Nature and creation. 

GodConsciousness.com is dedicated to engendering relationships of mutual love towards all beings.

We believe that love is the most powerful principle infusing existence and that humans can enter planes of consciousness seated within interior spiritual centers that reveal this fundamental experience.

Love, joy, and peace are God Consciousness!  As humans are able to look within into their Divine centers, God Consciousness can emerge from the veils of ego, mind, and illusion. 

'God Consciousness' is literally 'knowing with God' from the Latin words 'con' meaning 'with' & 'scire,' often translated as 'knowing.'  The word 'God' has been used in countless ways throughout history, but we prefer the rather simple definition of 'infinite and eternal spirit.'  GodConsciousness.com is dedicated to the facilitation of knowledge in concert and harmony with the omnipresent Spirit.  Finally however, God Consciousness is as much an experience as a mode of knowing and can never be adequately described with words.  GodConsciousness.com hopes to invoke the kinds of experiences, feelings, states of consciousness, modes of being and knowing that are indicative of our highest aspirations.

God Consciousness is the collective consciousness of all being and existence.  All are included and embraced. 

The Spirit loves us and maintains our beautiful diversity.  

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