David Harrington


After this I saw a strong angel sitting on the crescent moon in the wee hours of the morning with a bow in his hand frowning. And he took a bolt of lightning from a passing cloud and aimed it toward the earth. And when he drew back his bow, there fell fire down from heaven and purged the earth. And many were scorched to death because of this terrible plague.

And I saw another strong angel riding round the rings of Saturn with a ball of ice in his hand. And he took the ball of ice and hurled it with all his might into the sea. And instantly the waves crystallized and froze in their places, transforming the sea into a solid sheet of ice.

And the earth was plummeted into a deep freeze. And all those hiding in the mountains and caves were buried beneath thick blankets of drifting snow.

But the unbelievers were spared and chastened with fire and ice until the seventh day. And everywhere I looked I saw nothing but frost and shivering, thirst and much misery.

And thinking that the end of the world had come, I sank to my knees and begged Almighty God for forgiveness: When I heard another mighty angel flying through the heavens with the Ten Commandments shouting, "Behold: The old laws have come to naught! Let us establish a New Covenant with the inhabitants of the earth."

And he took the stone tablets and smashed them to bits against the Altar of Sacrifice.

And yet another angel appeared ascending out of the East with a golden cup filled to the brim and overflowing.

And he cried with a loud voice, "Lift up your cup and drink down the wine, blood of salvation, fruit of the vine!"


Are you there my Blushing Bride or have you lost your way? Is that you up ahead? For I do not recognize you amidst such folly. Where was it you stumbled, what caused you to sway? And where are your prophets to rekindle the flame?

The dim glow of your candle can barely be distinguished at the end of the tunnel.

You are like a ship lost at sea alone in the dark, going around in circles always missing the mark.

You were once a pretty young princess adorned with precious stones.

Now you just cower in the corner like a sack of broken bones.

Lush palaces and mile long halls once opened wide to greet you.

Noble kings and princes bowed their heads to meet you.

For years you endured through an incredible plight.

Through tears you stood up and fought for what's right But look at you now trembling with fear.

Have you no heritage, have you forgotten your name? And where are your merits, have they all disappeared?

No fancy facade can disguise your barrenness, no towering spire can overshadow your lowliness.

Your walls are shaking, your foundation is cracked: Fragile as an eggshell the blocks were stacked.

With humility you rose, in vanity you'll fall. But what's you going to do when the Master calls?

And where are your apostles, have they all gone to sleep? When the wolf comes a prowling do they scatter like sheep?


After this I saw a beautiful white-winged angel with flowers in her hair sitting on the steps of a fountain softly strumming a Golden Harp.

And she smiled as she sang.

And the songbirds gathered around her.

And the softness of her voice sounded sweet and lovely.

And it filled my heart with such gladness that I began to weep tears of joy.

And she sang a song of hope and salvation, exalting God's Kingship and Majesty in these words:
All honor and glory, power and wisdom unto God,

And unto the Lamb, peace and great blessings, faith and thanksgiving,
who redeemed us with His precious blood,
and washed us clean from all our sins.

Praise to the Lamb whose kingdom is everlasting,

Praise to the Lamb whose truth reigns in our hearts.

Praise to the Lamb whose love light shines all around us,

Praise to the Lamb who conquers all our fears.

Praise to the Lamb who freed us from our bondage,

Praise to the Lamb who broke the ancient curse.

Praise to the Lamb whose mercy and grace endure forever,

Praise to the Lamb who wipes away our tears.


Behold: I see a new vision rising on the horizon. And with it, the promise of a new beginning.

Looking out over the flood waters from a tiny island in the middle of nowhere, I saw a magnificent sandcastle rise up out of the sea and pierce the clouds.

And being transported safely to the top of the highest watchtower, I gazed up into the heavens and to my surprise, saw three bright stars move into conjunction and fuse together as one.

Now it was twilight time when this spectacular star went over and stood fixed directly above the summit of the Holy Mountain, glowing like a burning lantern.

And there was a sensational double eclipse and the moon was partially darkened and became as blood.

And the sky turned an ominous deep purple as pebble-sized hail mingled with sleet began raining down from the heavens.

And a dense fog rolled across the face of the deep, totally obliterating the tiny island.

Off in the distance I heard a loud blast like the sound of somebody blowing a giant foghorn:

Turning to see who it might be, I saw what looked like Noah's Ark as it was tossed about by the waves during a mighty tempest, just like a piece of driftwood when it is caught in a whirlpool.

And being loaded down with two of every kind, was sure to be pulled under and swallowed up by the flood.

And as the ark passed beneath the eye of the storm, I watched as a beautiful white dove was set free from a golden cage and went in search of dry land.

And there appeared strange saucer-shaped objects turning like pinwheels and spools of colored ribbon unwinding in the sky above my head.

And everywhere I looked were flying kites and colored balloons floating through the air like giant bubbles.

And when the white dove returned from her voyage around the world with an olive branch in her mouth, the fog lifted and the sky brightened.

And the sea calmed and the flood waters slowly receded.

And I saw the ark come to rest unharmed on Mount Ararat.

And behold: A new constellation formed in the zodiac in the likeness of the Holy Family, that is, the Holy Trinity, bringing peace, love and unity to the world.

And that wicked race of giants and all sea serpents were wiped off the face of the earth.

And above the rainbow I saw two flying eagles carrying a banner with the words "GLORY TO GOD" written on it.

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