Divine Orgasms : Homosexuality, Masturbation, & Orgies

by psi

by Antonio Roybal

Due to centuries of unrest upon matters pertaining to sexuality, especially in regards to homosexuality and masturbation, I find it incumbent upon myself to make it crystal clear where GodConsciousness.com stands upon these issues. We are emphatically and unreservedly 'pro-gay.' Furthermore, we support the rights of individuals to express themselves sexually in whatever fashion they deem appropriate and emanating from a sense of deep-seated love. Sex is perhaps one of the greatest gifts and experiences open to human-kind where the act of interpersonal communion can reach levels of immaculate intensity. Whether between members of the same sex, with oneself, or between various members of a conjoined community, sexuality is a sacred and liberating force able to bridge diverse boundaries.

Unfortunately, sexual preference has been used as a means to descriminate between individuals and create undue animosity between members of spiritual communities throughout the world. Ironically, the Christian gospels have been used by Church authorities in both Catholic and Protestant sects to propogate 'anti-gay' sentiments. The truth of these matters must eventually surface and there may be no better time than the present era for religious communities to re-evaluate their positions pertaining to sexuality. Especially in regards to the Catholic Church and positions held by papal members, the need to come to terms with the actual reality of sexual diversity is long overdue.

I have met and spoken personally to Catholic Church members intimately acquainted with monastery communities where sex between members of the same sex is a fairly regular occurence and practice. There is absolutely no need to continually supress and repress these tendencies when these members make such significant contributions to the religious communities they serve. For religion to be able to meet the spiritual needs of the gay communities and provide adequate support for spiritual pursuits, it is absolutely necessary that revisions in so-called 'doctrine' are entertained.

There is in my estimation no solid scriptural evidence within the Christian canon for the continued repression of gays. Any such references that are commonly used by adherents to strict 'dogma' are so vague to be useless and altogether misleading. The use of the Bible as a means to attack the gay community is personally abhorrent and outright disgusting. I am outraged that these practices continue in the modern era when such positive strides have been made in gay liberation movements. Further, gays should be afforded equal rights in matters pertaining to marriage, priesthood, and religious authority. Using God as a tool in the degradation of others is unequivocally discouraged on every and all platforms of mediation.

The recognition of practices of masturbation in both sexes is a further area in desperate need of revision within religious institutions. If contemporary religious communities are to serve their members appropriately and unreservedly, it is essential that an accurate understanding of the prevalence of masturbation is identified and dealt with. Having sex with oneself is not a sin in my estimation whatsoever. And here again, the resourcefulness of individuals to find obscure scriptural passages to support their positions against masturbation is unfair to the spirit of these sources. Masturbation is often a healthy and safe way to express oneself sexually. Further, knowledge of one's body and modes of sexual arousal can enjoin a better understanding of sexual enjoyment with others.

On a topic perhaps even a little 'taboo' for the more liberal of religious understandings, sex between several individuals simultaneously can be responsibly practiced. While mutual understanding and compassion needs to infuse these environments as with all sexual encounters, sex with others in 'orgies,' may be a way to further circumnavigate emotional, physical, and spiritual boundaries. While under no circumstances should a person be forced to have sex with any individual, the freedom to express oneself sexually in diverse ways with many people ought to be a right available to those who chose to embrace such practices. To emphasize once again however, the predominant theme should be love.

The '60's sexual liberation movement made considerable contributions to cultural understandings pertaining to the nature of sex, but unfortunately, many of these were not tied to a sense of spirituality. Many of us have a cursory understanding of 'tantric' sex whereby energies are harnessed in an embrace of immense proportions. Incidentally, these sexual practices can endure for long periods of time as the partners more and more embrace one another's energy fields. The depth of penetration is not merely confined to the physical membranes of reproduction, but embraces a wider understanding of the human being and what it means to be involved sexually. The emotional, spiritual, and physical components are intimately connected in an expansive totality of sexual liberation and final release. The identification and integration of the entire person is a necessary prerequisite to sexual depth.

While these comments are meant to provide a forum and place for diverse expressions of sexual encounter, I believe it should be kept in focus the tremendous ramifications of sexual intercourse. Uniting with others at these energetic and emotional levels has tremendous consequences for us individually and interpersonally. Without proper understanding and consideration of the multiple effects sex has upon oneself, degrading and unrequitted sexuality can ensue. I am not calling for an all out sexual revolution as was seen in the '60's. Perhaps the fierceness of 'right-wing' reactionaries in this context was somewhat justified on a return to a more spiritual contemplation upon what sex is and means. Opening oneself to both the dangers and joys of sex with another person is by no means a small undertaking. The complete being is a participant of the sexual act. Our emotional, physical, and spiritual selves are all at risk. If committment, mutual understanding and a level of deep trust is not enjoined between partners on less severe levels of interaction, sex will not make up for these deficiences.

Finally, I think it should be kept in mind that knowledge of oneself is a prerequisite to any sexual exploration with others. Masturbation and self inquiry of various modes is an invaluable source of responsible and meaningful sexual expression. Being by and with oneself is perhaps an ideal often overlooked. If we can learn to fully love ourselves first, we may develop the resources needed to love others. This is a long and slow process extending well into adulthood and beyond. Sexual intercourse between teenagers or between adults and children is generally not an expression of the plenitude of spiritual sexuality. Knowing oneself deeply and authentically may eventually extinguish the need or desire to have sex altogether. The mechanisms of this process are relatively unknown, but considerable members of society are healthy and joyous without the need to interact sexually with others. The respect of these individuals and their rights must also be protected in a society attempting to integrate the wonderrful nuances of sex. And to all of the children out there, I encourage you to be watchful of those attempting to take advantage of you. Learn as much as you can about sex and the person you are with before entering any sexual encounter. The consequences are considerable with dangerous diseases and premature pregnancy being serious considerations. Don't have sex just to be 'cool' or to fit in. The dangers to your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being are too great to be compromised. Be smart!


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